11 October 2011

Kokopelli Applique

Kokopelli Applique
                        Before Application        
                                                                                                           After Application

Yarn: Fingering weight
Hook: 3.5mm

ch – chain
hdc – half double crochet
slst – slip stich

Magic circle video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLuSVyKvoUg

Start with a magic circle. This will be the head.*
ch 1hdc 10 into the magic circle.
slst last hdc to ch
ch 25 (chest, stomach, 1st leg)
slst into 2nd ch from hook, slst 9 (1st leg)
ch 13 (crotch, 2nd leg)
slst into 2nd ch from hook, slst 9 (2nd leg)
ch 16 (back)
slst into beginning of ch stitches, forming the neck
slst 3 (chest)
ch 6 (1st arm)
slst into 2nd ch from hook, slst 4 (1st arm)
slst 2 (chest)
ch 8 (2nd arm)
slst into 2nd ch from hook, slst 6 (2nd arm)
slst 9 (stomach)
slst ch which starts leg 1
slst 2 (crotch)
slst ch which starts leg 2
slst 16 (back)
Fasten and weave in tail to back of head.

Pull loop through 2nd hdc clockwise from neck.
Fasten starting tail and weave through back of head.
ch 5
slst to 1st arm
ch 1
slst to 2nd arm
ch 4
Tie tightly and cut tail.

(similar to flute, four strands)
Pull loop through hdc on top of head (suggest 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th clockwise from flute)
Fasten starting tail and weave through back of head. Tails of hair can also be tied to one another before weaving through back of head for further security.
Four lengths of hair:
  ch 7 for longest
  ch 6 for next
  ch 5 for next
  ch 4 for last
Tie tightly and cut the end tail.

*Using a magic circle helps keep the head the right proportions and without a hole in the middle. If you'd rather there be only an outline of the head instead of a solid one try this:
ch 10, slst to form circle for head
after slst back to neck, slst around head to maintain outline thickness

Creative Commons License
Kokopelli Applique by Jessica A Prescott is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


  1. cute. glad i found this blog of your crochet.
    please post a tutorial on how to crochet a very
    easy infinity scarf.

  2. Shauna - I highly recommend Ravelry.com. It's a free site that is a knitting and crochet community. There's a huge pattern database, as well. I don't have much experience with infinity scarves, but here is a link to a few good-looking patterns: http://rav.to/vSm8Xc and a scarf I plan to make in the next week or so, The Sydney Scarf: http://bit.ly/tMH44e
    Thanks for stopping by the blog!