21 March 2012

Spring Is Here!

For some of us in the United States, there still may be snow on the ground or in the forcast. For those in the Southern hemisphere, things are moving towards fall. I'm in central North Carolina, and it's been quite a warm winter. It's also been spring-like temperatures and weather for a couple weeks already. While I'm not trying to rush away the winter, I love Spring!! I love seeing new plants coming out of the ground and flowers blooming all over the place. One of my favorite flowers is the Bradford Pear Tree (but they're often considered an acquired smell).

The equinox was yesterday. My partner and I celebrated with a small fire outside and a dinner of spinach quiche (eggs and grass for springtime).

In order to celebrate spring, I wanted to share a few pattern ideas with you.

I love this Butterfly Garden Square by Chris Simon

A quick, fun, Tiny Butterfly by Emi Herrington

Some super cute daisies by Annemaries Breiblog

And this lovely Melinda Miller design, Thankful Stitches
This one I made just last week :)

Do you have any favorite springtime pattterns?

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